Pictar Smart Selfie Stick + Wide & Macro Smart Lens + Smart Light

Pictar Smart Selfie Stick + Wide & Macro Smart Lens + Smart Light

SKU: 36010306

This bundle of joy is sure to get you larger-than-life images: The wide angle of the smart lens will capture not only yourself but also the view behind you and the smart light will make you pop out of the background, all made possible by the Pictar smart selfie stick, with its multiple functions. This bundle is the perfect setup for travelling, group selfies, night shooting and more.  


The Selfie Stick that gives you full control

The Pictar Smart Selfie Stick offers full control of all photographic functions, even when the stick is fully extended. Set the phone's angle, switch between front and rear cameras, take a still image or shoot video, zoom in or out, control image brightness, and then some!



2 lenses wrapped up into 1!

Pictar Smart Wide / Macro lens lets you capture twice as much information in each frame, and is especially suitable for landscape photography, hiking, urban photography, large group selfies and video shooting. With this lens you will be able to capture more of your background in the picture. In addition, the X12 macro part of the lens will open up a new world of amazing close-ups - whether it's a colorful butterfly resting on a flower or a juicy strawberry dipped in whipped cream on top of a cake in a trendy café.




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