Pictar Selfie Pro Kit

Pictar Selfie Pro Kit

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The Smart Selfie Stick and the 18mm Wide Angle Smart Lens are a great fit not only for your group selfies, but also for capturing unique images from extreme angles. Use it in selfie mode to get every person in your group inside the frame, and to capture more details of the scenery around you. Use the selfie stick with your rear camera as an extension of your arm to catch images from angles your arm is simply not long enough to reach. Use them together or separately - the opportunity is endless! 

Pictar Smart selfie stick control panel
a wide angle shot with iphone and pictar smart lens

Expand the capabilities of your mobile phone!

With a 160-degree coverage angle, the Pictar Smart Lens Wide Angle 18mm allows you to capture a much wider picture than with the standard phone lens. The 18mm lens is ideal for social media - when you want to make your "story" stand out, when you want to get as much as possible of the scenery into the picture when traveling, or when you need to get as many people as possible into the perfect "selfie". 

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Universal clip-on connector - suitable for any phone

The universal clip-on mount allows the lens to be connected to almost any telephone on the market. The lens can be connected to both the front camera and the rear cameras. 

pictar smart lens wide angle